Love has no bounds


By Haley Galvin

The “Love has no labels” campaign video speaks to empower people and show that love is love no matter who the person is.

The premise of the video is two people behind an X-ray screen in front of the public. The pair display several different forms of affection, including kissing, dancing and generally just enjoying themselves. After a while, the two people reveal themselves. The point here is to show that all people are the not defined by their outward appearance. If people are not aware of skin color, gender, ability or religion, there is no room for judgement. The song “Same Love” by Macklemore plays in the background, and this gives the commercial a more powerful message.

“I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to,” are lyrics in the song that express the message that love cannot be changed; it is what it is.

As a whole, this commercial serves as a powerful message to those who are being judged for who they are with. The video helps to let them know that they are accepted for who they love.

The commercial is also inclusive of all types of relationships as well. A section of the video says, “Love has no disability,” and it features two small girls dancing, one of which has a disability. This shows that disabilities are not truly disabilities; they are just different abilities that a person has, and they are still capable of the same love as everyone else.

“Love has no labels” demonstrates that judgement is not needed in any relationship.

At some point, everyone has doubted their love, and this ad targets the relatable insecurity and dispels it. People are people and love is love; there is no shame in love.