‘Rugrats’ Reboot: Hold onto your diapers

By Maddie Barrett

As a 90’s kid, Rugrats was one of my favorite shows. Released in 1991, it was a show about a group of toddlers who seemed to get into different sorts of trouble (as toddlers do). According to IMDb, Rugrats received over 20 awards during its 14-year run, so it’s no surprise that Nickelodeon has decided on a reboot. They are relaunching the show and also making a live action movie based on it.


Recently, there’s been quite an uproar in the Twitter-sphere about the new reboot.


Some are worried that it won’t go as well as the first Rugrats did.


But some are excited for the show, and even for the live-action movie.



Personally, I’m excited for the “Rugrats” reboot and movie. I don’t know what it’s going to look like or bring, but I’m looking forward to whatever they plan to make of it.