Journey with Me: My Weight Loss Trip Week 3


Image Courtesy Pixabay

By Abby Wisecarver

Week Three

As the weeks fly by, working out has gotten so much easier. At this point, going to the gym every morning is a part of my daily routine. But with every part of a daily routine, some things are harder to keep up than others. With me working every day, I still go to the gym but I realize now that me going to the gym every single day will not happen.


The Plan

I’ve now lost seven pounds and feel great. Clothes are starting to fit loosely and I can finally see an uplifting difference.



I’ve started eating red meat again but in small portions. It was hard for me to quit cold turkey and give up hamburger, so I eat it occasionally. However, I still only drink water and milk, which is more important to me than not eating red meat.


I’ve been eating less and taking food with me to work, which helps me to have control over my calorie intake. I take frozen Lean Cuisine meals paired with an apple and a granola bar. It’s the perfect amount of food and I attest this to me losing weight because I walk seven miles at work and end up working my food calories off (for the most part).



I boosted my cardio workouts up to 30 minutes instead of 20 because I wanted to go farther in distance on the treadmill and elliptical. With me at work, six days a week, the gym and I are not as close as we once were, but I make it there whenever I can.



I am now starting to see more definition in my knees and my stomach is toning up. My clothes are starting to fit a size too big and it feels amazing.


I am extremely hopeful and looking forward to the future and seeing more physically and emotionally defining results this summer. The journey so far has been very emotionally gratifying, because putting hard work into something and seeing the positive results makes me feel as if I could take on the world.