Journey with Me: My Weight Loss Trip Week 4


Image Courtesy Pixabay

By Abby Wisecarver

Week Four

A family disaster struck and I’ve been out of town for the week. Summer took a negative turn as my friend, who lives seven hours away from me, ended up in the hospital. I haven’t gone to the gym at all this week, but it’s not because I simply don’t want to, it’s because I can’t. However, when disaster strikes, you still need to take care of your body and look after yourself.

The Plan

No weight has been lost this week but I am keeping an open mind and trying to not get bothered by the stalemate. The road I am embarking on this summer is not only going to have ups, but it will include some downs. This week is definitely a down because my entire routine is thrown out the window.


Being seven hours away from home, my normal food is not readily available to me like it was in the weeks before, but I am still watching what I am eating. As of now, my diet is not my priority.


The extent of my exercise is simply walking around. I haven’t been to the gym because I am away from home and haven’t had any time to go run outside. I feel terrible but I know this is only temporary and I will be back at the gym relatively soon.


Progress this week has been little to none because my entire world has been turned upside down. I feel bad no major changes in my body have been made, but I have to keep a positive mind if I’m going to get back to my normal life and continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

This week has been very difficult but I know things will get better. I am being optimistic that things will get back to the way they were before.