The Atypical College Girl’s Guide to Netflix Binge Watching

By Maddie Barrett

It’s a Saturday night and you’re wondering what to watch; you’ve seen “The Office” about 10 times already and you need something new. You scroll through Netflix, mindlessly looking for a new show, but can’t settle on anything. Well, the endless scrolling can stop because here’s three shows that are hidden gems for you to watch.


A look into the life of a zombie living among normal humans, this show is a horror movie lover’s dream. The main character, Liv Moore, works among her colleagues solving crimes but is secretly eating brains. The show is 100% binge-able and the storyline will have you craving more, as if you’re a zombie waiting for your daily dose of flesh.


When a suburban mom is short on money usually she’d start a “Gofundme” page, but in “Weeds,” Nancy Botwin decides to become a drug dealer. The show is “Breaking Bad” with a soccer mom twist. Being a mother of two, Botwin is super busy with all of the responsibilities that come with being a mom, but this doesn’t stop her from making the money she needs to survive.


A blind superhero with unordinary powers will have you shook. The series introduces “Daredevil,” played by Matt Murdock, who doubles as a lawyer and a superhero. The impeccable storyline and riveting fights will have you hooked until the very last episode. “Daredevil” is an original Netflix series;  no-one should miss this action-packed thriller.

Finding shows on Netflix can sometimes be difficult, but with this list of bingeable worthy shows, you’ll be occupied until the end of the school year.