Letter to the Editor: Congrats to You Matter NIU ticket


Physical Plant’s flood cleanup applauded

I want to congratulate and thank the staff of the NIU Physical Plant for all they have done and are continuing to do in the aftermath of campus flooding. They have been working around the clock to get all classrooms and office space on campus ready for the start of classes.

The Art Building was particularly hard-hit, and the crews are continuing their efforts to ready the classrooms for later this week.

I am deeply humbled by their dedication and tireless efforts. My hat’s off to all involved in the massive cleanup effort.

Rich Holly

Acting director, School of Art

By Braden Astorga-Rollins

Polls are in. Though we are disappointed that Moving Forward NIU did not win this year’s Student Association Election, we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to You Matter NIU for being voted in as next year’s executive branch. Congratulations to [Khiree], [Devin], [Essence] and [Nathan] for their wins! We wish you the best of luck in representing the student body.

Moving Forward NIU is extremely proud of the campaign we ran, and we stand by the ideas and vision we have for the future of NIU and its student government. Our greatest wish is that the messages students encouraged us to fight for in this election will be considered carefully by our opponents. [We hope] that the populations we represented will not be forgotten, that the powers of student activism and passion on this campus will not be underestimated, that the criticisms of the current state of the NIU student government that students brought to the forefront of our campaign will be addressed and that our belief in the importance of transparency, engagement and advocacy with, and for, the student body will be carried out by the next generation of NIU SA leaders that You Matter has come to govern.

Nothing is more humbling or honoring than the immense amount of support, help and encouragement we’ve received throughout this campaign. There are so many people who advocated on our behalf, toiled over policy, strategy and design and offered emotional support from the first moments of our campaign, that thanking you all would be impossible. Please know that you are appreciated and loved, and that even though this election did not go our way we will never stop fighting to see that students of all communities are represented justly and passionately.

This election was not a failure. Every one of your votes in this election is a success, each check mark on a ballot box a representation of the enthusiasm that this student body has for its leadership. Your efforts in reaching out to get your communities involved in the democratic process introduced so many new faces to the powers and responsibilities of the Student Association.

If this election has inspired you to become involved with advocacy or leadership on campus, we cannot encourage you enough to pursue that in whatever capacity you are able. There is so much work to be done, and only by continuing to fight and push boundaries can we move forward as a campus and as proud members of this community. Again, thank you all for rallying alongside our passion and helping us run a campaign that all of us can be proud of. We wish you the best in this semester and the rest of the year.