Extend the Trend: Fake Freckles


By Abby Wisecarver

While some consider freckles beautiful birthmarks, there are some who are embarrassed and use foundation or concealer to hide them. However, freckles have recently been adopted into the beauty community as a trend, gaining significant popularity and following starting in 2015.

The trend has been met with skepticism and minor resistance, mostly from people who have natural freckles.

“As a person who has freckles, I hate this trend,” said Hannah Muntz, freshman elementary education major. “I went so many years of my life hating the dots on my face and now they are popular? No, I do not like it and will be happy when it finally dies down.”

As a person who doesn’t have freckles but admires how they compliment a face, I enjoy the freedom this trend allows me. Additionally, I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and hate what I see, even if I can’t change it. However, freckles are much more than randomized dots on your face; they add charm and character to every individual.

If adding something as small as a fake freckle to your face makes you feel more confident, why not? The beautiful thing about makeup is the creative expression it allows the user. There are no rules and regulations when it comes to feeling good about yourself.

In my opinion, fake freckles should stay an ongoing trend. We need to stop viewing them as a act of self sabotage and start seeing them in the same light as a smokey eye.

Pull out your eyeliner pencils and get to dotting!

Extend the Trend, written by contributor Abby Wisecarver, is a column dedicated to covering makeup trends in the beauty community. The column will be a weekly article offering commentary on makeup looks from the runway to the street. Extend the Trend is a fun, creative outlet that analyzes current and past makeup trends and makes an argument for what should continue or what should be thrown away like an old mascara tube.