5 Beauty Hacks You Can’t Wait to Try



By Rachel Sanchez

Baby Power

Apply baby powder to your greasy, unwashed hair to tame oils, and save yourself time during your mid-morning rush. Whether you’re lazy or don’t have time to shower, baby powder acts as a dry shampoo. It’s a better, cheaper way to keep your hair looking fresh and clean. Lightly sprinkle baby powder along the roots and comb through your hair until the residue vanishes. Like magic, your hair is ready for the day ahead!


Wipe away your makeup mishaps with vaseline. Apply vaseline to a cotton swab and wipe your face to help get rid of those pesky mascara streaks. Petroleum jelly not only acts as a makeup remover, but also hydrates the skin with its aloe-infused ingredients. You don’t have to worry about clogged pores tonight, honey. Grab your wine and relax while the vaseline moisturizes, cleanses and hydrates your skin.

Olive Oil

Strengthen your nails by treating them with olive oil. Vegetable-based oils are recommended to better soak the nail bed. Soak your post acrylic nails for 10-15 minutes a day for a month and see the shocking results. This inexpensive treatment will save your nails from the harsh winter weather, dry skin and cuticle breakages.


No eyeliner, no problem; reuse the remnants of old mascara for a creamy eyeliner solution. Find an angled brow brush and dip it inside the mascara tube, bristled side up. Use the brush to apply mascara as an eyeliner and voila, fierce cat eyes. Last but not least, flaunt your winged liner because there’s no need for a Target run when your makeup is this versatile.

Big Lips

Pucker up without the stinging sensation; using lipstick techniques can give the illusion of bigger lips. Applying a lighter shade of lipstick in the middle of the top and lower lip, while coating the outer portion of the mouth with a darker shade, will help your lips look voluptuous. This affect draws the attention to the center of the lips allowing them to look bigger without the injections. No pain, you gain.