Netflix original brings dark humor

By Haley Galvin

“The End of the F—ing World,” an edgy Netflix original, captures the attention of viewers and makes them question what really is the end of the world. This is a must-see, binge-worthy show.

Adapted from a United Kingdom television series that premiered in October, the Netflix reinvention follows two teens in Britain on an insane journey. James, played by Alex Lawther, is a 17-year-old self-diagnosed psychopath. His behavior in some of the episodes is reminiscent of a young Jeffrey Dahmer.

On the flip side, viewers are introduced to Alyssa, played by Jessica Barden, who is the same age and feels like something is missing in her life. She has never fit in, and since her father left her as a child, she feels like she may never do so.

Both feeling like outsiders, the two teens decide to run away together.

The actors fit their roles perfectly; they display their awkward, yet complex feelings effortlessly. The dialogue between the two is relatable for anyone that had a crush when they were teens — awkward and slightly afraid.

Their journey takes twists and turns one after another. Each obstacle creates new adventures that makes the audience wonder how unfortunate can two people be.

Throughout the show, viewers hear both characters’ inner thoughts, adding depth and understanding as to why they behave as they do. “The End of the F—ing World” is not for the faint of heart. The plot line and scenes are a little disturbing and uncomfortable, but overall it keeps viewers coming back for more with cliffhangers and mysteries begging for a second season.

This weirdly fascinating series is only eight 20-minute long episodes and is a breeze to binge over the weekend or when procrastinating.