Demi Lovato’s New Album Has All the Feels

Demi Lovato’s New Album Has All the Feels

Demi Lovato’s New Album Has All the Feels

By Autumn Kilgus

Singer, songwriter Demi Lovato released her new album “Tell Me You Love Me” on Sept. 29. This is her sixth studio album is sure to be the best and most dynamic. There is a lot of emotion built up and gives Lovato a new sound.  

Lovato said, “I’ve kind of been through a lot over this past year and a half since I released my last album…and I wanted to be honest because my fans deserve that”, according to Billboard. Four days leading up to the release, Lovato had been showing sneak peeks on Instagram of her new songs.

“Sorry Not Sorry” was the first single released off the album. This song is for all the haters out there, not just in Demi’s life, but in all of your lives as well. Lovato said, “It’s basically a message that says I’m gonna live my life and choose my happiness on my own terms, and I won’t apologize for it.”

“Tell Me You Love Me” shows the vulnerability of a break up. Some lyrics are “What’s my hand without you heart to hold? I don’t know what I’m living for if I’m living without you.”  Lovato had wrote this song after a longtime relationship with Wilmer Valderrama.

“Sexy Dirty Love” strictly shows the fun and flirty side of a new fling/ relationship starting up which is just an exciting time. Lovato’s lyrics “Pull me closer into you and watch our bodies intertwine. I feel so alive. You know what I’m thinking of. Got me dreamin’ ‘bout that sexy dirty love,” are flirty and fun.

“You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore” can have many different meanings Lovato says. “For some people this song is about the end of a relationship, but for me, it’s a goodbye letter to my old self and some of my destructive behaviors. So it’s deeply personal.” You can interpret this however you would like!

“Lonely” features Lil Wayne which Lovato was so giddy about. This song tells the story of being lonely with a relationship. This song shows how toxic someone can be to you but you’re afraid to be lonely.

More songs featured in the album include “Only Forever,” “Cry Baby,” “Games,” “Concentrate” and “Hitchhiker.”

The whole album is about being yourself and loving yourself through relationships even if they don’t work. This album is flirty, sexy and new. Some of the music is upbeat which gets you dancing and other parts have you feeling blue. Be sure to check it out on iTunes or Spotify!

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