Upcoming Netflix flicks

By Haley Galvin

With a new month beginning, Netflix is bringing out a little bit of everything including horror movies to make viewers scream and romantic films to accompany those long nights with ice cream.

“I Love You, Man” Coming to Netflix Oct. 1

“I Love You, Man,” released March 20, 2009, features Paul Rudd as Peter and Jason Segel as Sydney in this feel-good comedy. When Peter gets engaged, he must find a best man he clicks with and his fiance approves of. This is not as easy as it may seem, however. None of the men Peter finds really connect with him until he meets Sydney. He must choose between his newly found bromance and his actual romance.

“Blood Diamond” Coming to Netflix Oct. 1

This action packed thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio is sure to give thrill seekers just what they are looking for. Released Dec. 8, 2006, it still is given high marks for an action movie years later.

Two men cross paths while seeking out a rare, pink, “blood diamond” that could potentially transform their lives. The tale follows the chaos of the civil war that occurred in the West African nation of Sierra Leone over control of the country’s diamond industry. The two troubled men racing to their own respective goals run into a woman journalist whose plan is to break the story on the illegal smuggling of the precious stones. The movie that circles around people who would do anything to possess a blood diamond is ultimately about anguish, love, perseverance and the truth.

“Cult of Chucky” Coming to Netflix Oct. 3

Halloween is approaching and nearly everyone is looking for a horror movie to fill them with fear and nightmares and “Cult of Chucky” offers just that. “Cult of Chucky,” released Aug. 24, tells the story of the killer doll coming to settle the score with old enemies. The possessed toy also comes back to torture his human victim, Nica. This newest rendition of the classic Chucky is sure to keep viewers clenching their teeth in fear.