Study Survival Skills in 3 Easy Steps

By Haley Galvin

Midterms are in full swing which means it’s time to get down to business. Many students find it hard to focus or create a good environment to study, so here are a few helpful tips you may find helpful during midterm season.

Do Not Disturb

No brainer: phones are a very big distraction when trying to study. If the notifications keep popping up, it’s often extremely tempting to pick up the phone and check them. An easy way to avoid the constant buzzing and dinging is by putting the phone on “Do Not Disturb,” which turns off all incoming notifications while still allowing you to use the phone to listen to music or look something up on the internet. Plus, it also helps to eliminate the temptation to text, Snapchat & play games.

Pick Your Playlist Wisely

Music can be the life or the death to your study session, and by choosing the best playlist you will have the best chance of studying success.

Classical and instrumental music often help to focus the mind when studying, but if you’re looking for something more upbeat, try checking out Chillhop on Youtube or Spotify. This jazzy/hip hop playlist contains songs that will put you in the studying mood. The chill vibes help you to dive in and concentrate. Also, feel free to create your own playlist – just be sure to do this prior to studying in order to avoid having to search for a new song every couple minutes once one ends.

Get A Room

Another study tip is to study in small groups or alone. Studying in a big group often increases the chance of distraction by side conversations or loud noises. In order to stay focused, get a small group who’s committed to getting work done. If that’s not possible, study alone. Focus is the key to getting any work done and can make or break a study session.