Bundle Up On a Budget

By Samantha Manahan

When sweater weather approaches, I couldn’t be happier; however, my wallet would disagree. With the latest unsettling weather, one must purchase new jumpers. I mean, let’s be honest, living here in Illinois we can wear sweaters three out of the four seasons and completely pull it off. Thus, jumpers are an essential item in everyone’s closet.

Sweaters can be challenging when you want to pay less, but still have great quality. And by quality I mean the fabric must be durable enough to withstand daily life and a good number of times through the washer. I researched five companies who sell inexpensive but long-lasting sweaters, and these five brands seemed to be the most popular and stylish.  


H&M is one of those clothing lines who offer multiple styles for their clients. You can find edgy, rocker, preppy, simple and more. Their brand offers individuals the ability to find a jumper that fits their style for a great deal. Sweaters range from $13 all the way until $70, meaning everyone should be able to find a style that fits their price range. You can shop online or go in store; whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Marshalls/TJ Maxx

Unfortunately, Marshalls doesn’t have a direct website, the experience of in-store shopping can be just as exhilarating. For me Marshalls is a store I walk into and come out with items I didn’t even know I needed. They have excellent prices ranging from $15 to $35. T.J. Max is associated with Marshalls, so check them out too for similar styles and prices.


Personally, I rather shop online than go into a Forever21 store but, the amount of sweaters this store has is endless. Okay, maybe not endless, but they do have a countless number of jumpers. A great feature about Forever21 is the fact they now carry PLUS size. The prices range from $7 to $58, and everything in between.


For those of you who love online shopping, Mango is the site to visit. Although not every item on their list may fit your price range, they have a handy dandy price slider on the left hand side of the page to help you navigate their selection. It allows you to put in your maximum budget you are willing to pay for a jumper and browse from then on.


Whether you carry a Kohl’s Card or not, it’s safe to say Kohl’s is always having deals; there are always promotions, sales, and clearance racks. The reason Kohl’s is a great place to shop is they have items in everyone’s price range: jumpers ranging from $15 to $50. In addition to awesome prices, the sweaters range in materials, color and styles.