Digital mediums change art

By Haley Galvin

DeKalb | “Objectifying the Photographer,” an exhibit featuring the modern forms of digital photography, is open now through Oct. 20 at the NIU Art Museum located in Altgeld Hall.

“Photography has gone through a radical reinvention in recent history as digital technologies compel artists to reevaluate our relationship to photographic images.” Jessica Labatte, co-curator of the exhibition, said in an Aug. 22 press release.

“Objectifying the Photographer” aims to show students how new digital mediums have affected the world of photography since its beginnings years ago. The exhibit is not just photographs from one photographer, but is, instead, a collection of works of several professional photographers hand selected by Labatte and Mike Rea. Each work connects an element, such as nature or common objects, with photography to create one cohesive effect in each photograph.

Two of the works featured are by Letha Wilson and are three-dimensional pieces in contrast to standard, flat photographs against a wall.

Letha Wilson’s photographic sculptural work uses the landscape of the American west as a point of departure to explore the photograph’s inability to truly represent the place it depicts, according to the description of one of Wilson’s prints.

The exhibition is full of brightly colored, contemporary photographs which come together while also contrasting one another in visual effect. The photographs aim to draw in the observer and make them see something more than what is at the surface level, according to the press release. Regardless of the type of photography that sparks someone’s interest, the subject of the photographs feature a wide variety of topics such as still life, animals and people.

“You’re expecting a photography show, but there is a lot more to it,” Stuart Henn, coordinator of marketing and education, said. “It is not your sense of traditional photography.”

A public reception will be held from 5 p.m to 7:30 p.m. Sept. 21 with refreshments and several of the photographers present for the event.