Letter from the Perspective Editor

By Courtney Huhta

This semester, I hope to develop a combination of creative and intriguing topics that will make up the majority of this section. Although we will be covering campus related issues, as well as frequently discussed topics, I believe it is important to mix topics up and provide different views on every piece.

Readers will be provided with different perspectives of topics, even if it is the unpopular opinion. In any debate or argument, I believe it is vital to view all sides of the spectrum. The Northern Star recommends others to submit letters to the editor. Anyone who submits a letter to the editor can feature their opinion, and that may open a new perspective to the topic.

As the new Perspective Editor for the Northern Star, I am looking forward to writing, as well as editing, opinionated columns and editorials. I also would like to continue our “Open Letter” series, as I think it is a great addition to this section because it allows our staff to write in a different style and more creative free range than the structure of a basic column. I want to challenge our writers to cover newsworthy events and have new perspectives blossom from the passionate debates our writers often engage in while coming up with new content.

Another important piece of this section is the continuation of cartoons, whether they are political, debatable or just flat out relating to students in hilarious ways. It is always good to have a visual perspective that allows our cartoonists to showcase their creativity, all while conveying a message through their work.

The Perspective section should be a place in which students can showcase their opinions. This section will have a new viewpoint, and that is to get inspired, and seek newsworthy stories that showcase opinions.

What guides me as a writer and editor is this quote from one of my past teachers, “Integrity above all.” This simple quote is a constant reminder to always be honest above everything. After all, we are a newspaper, and we pledge to deliver accurate news to the NIU campus, as well as the DeKalb community.