Pi Sigma Epsilon offers tools and networking opportunities to members


Pi Sigma Epsilon offers tools and networking opportunities to members

By Parker Otto

Pi Sigma Epsilon, while centered in marketing and sales, is a co-ed fraternity that offers tools and networking opportunities for students of any major looking to increase their chances of gaining employment after graduating.

NIU’s Gamma Zeta chapter of the national fraternity is currently led by president Dylan Ingersoll, a senior marketing major. 

“Our members have a 98% employment rate,” Ingersoll said. “In [Pi Sigma Epsilon], we host professional development events such as lectures on making a good Linkedin page, resume and helping students with local marketing.”

With 58 chapters nationwide, Pi Sigma Epsilon continues to expand with chapters established as recently as 2018, according to their website. Illinois is home to four chapters at Illinois State University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, DePaul University and NIU. The NIU Chapter was formed in 1975.

Many large companies take part in professional development events across the nation’s chapters, including Enterprise, UPS and The New York Mets, leading to high profile job and internship opportunities for members, Ingersoll said. These events act as opportunities for members to connect with companies and develop aspects of their business profile.

The fraternity is open to people of all majors with dues costing $180 annually, Ingersoll said. 

“We may be in the business college, but there’s something for everyone,” Ingersoll said.

Members can be directly involved in first-hand business experiences as part of being a member. Brandon Hayes, senior marketing and business management double major and first semester member , is directly involved in a start-up company. Hayes works in a start-up company that is in its developing stages. The company will allow users to manage online subscriptions.

“Being a part of this company has given me real-world experience,” Hayes said. “Being a [Pi Sigma Epsilon] member is a great way to get involved in the business world.”

While there are a lot of responsibilities, Pi Sigma Epsilon is fairly manageable for a full time student, Ingersoll said. On average, Ingersoll spends 2 to 3 hours per week working with Pi Sigma Epsilon. 

Taking up part of that time are weekly meetings at 7 p.m. Mondays in the Holmes Student Center, where members discuss upcoming business ventures and events while being congratulated for past achievements, Hayes said. 

Upcoming events for Pi Sigma Epsilon include a mock interview event from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Tuesday in Barsema Hall, Room 131. Members will be able to brush up on their interview skills, according to Pi Sigma Epsilon Gamma Zeta’s Facebook page

“[Pi Sigma Epsilon] helped me in developing my skills,” Ingersoll said. “I have learned how to use resources like Linkedin, have become a lot more confident in myself and even met my girlfriend. Pi Sigma Epsilon is a great aspect of my life.”