Impasse halts data collection

By Lindsey Salvatelli

DeKALB — Provost Lisa Freeman is expecting data for Program Prioritization to be available sometime in the fall she said during a Wednesday University Council meeting.

Program Prioritization used task forces to create reports that reviewed 223 academic programs and 236 administrative programs to influence the allocation of university funds.

The meeting was led by Faculty Senate President Greg Long and President Doug Baker in the Holmes Student Center, Sky Room.

“One of the things that’s really helped us manage through this year is Program Prioritization,” Baker said. “It’s an impressive piece of work; you all have been busy.”

Freeman said her office will continue to work on collecting data about the influence of Program Prioritization throughout the summer.

“Between [Fiscal Year 2018] budget development on our campus, Springfield and an incredibly large number of ridiculous, I’ll say, legislative requests that we’ve had to respond to, we’ve just not have not had the human resources to devote to doing the assessment of Program Prioritization at the level we really want to communicate it,” Freeman said. “This is not an attempt to be opaque.”