SA candidate breakdown: NIUnited ticket

By Morgan Fink

The Student Association announced tickets for the election on March 28 and 29. One ticket, NIUnited, consists of Rachel Jacob, Khiree Cross, Giuseppe LaGioia and Nathan Hays.They are working toward giving students a voice and making NIU a better campus for their peers. Editor’s note: Our last issue featured candidates from A Better NIU ticket.

Why are you running for this position?

RJ: There hasn’t been a female president since 1995, and I want to change that pattern. I also want to see positive change across our campus, and because of my experience on campus, I will be able to network with different types of people to make that positive change.

KC: I want to be able to talk to students and reach out to everyone on campus. I also want to make sure NIU continues to embrace diversity.

GL: I want to be a representative for the students and to be sure that the administration is aware of students’ concerns.

NH: NIU has given me so many opportunities in the two years that I have attended so far, and I want to be able to give back in a big way.

What do you want to accomplish for the student body?

RJ: A big priority for me will be focusing on diversity, so I want to make sure student voices are heard. I want to increase our lobbying efforts in Springfield, and I want to play a bigger role in making a bigger impact on our state.

KC: I want to ensure that there is representation in all aspects of diversity.

GL: I want to make sure that every student voice is heard on campus. It is important to me that the students on this campus are taken seriously and can speak out about things they are passionate about.

NH: I want to make sure that the same organizations aren’t constantly receiving funds from the Student Association. I want to see organizations that haven’t received funds get what they deserve in order to be successful on campus.

How are you different from other candidates?

RJ: I am the most qualified. I have been in presidency roles in seven other organizations; I have interned for Congress; I have studied abroad in Indonesia; and I was the first Truman Scholarship finalist from NIU ever. I think because of these experiences, I have a lot of unique qualifications and networking skills that a lot of other candidates do not have.

KC: I am versatile and adaptable to all types of situations. I am also non-Greek Life, so I can be a voice for the voiceless.

GL: I am an approachable guy, and I have a lot of experience in Student Association already. I also know a lot of different people all over campus, so I have the ability to work with others to get things done right.

NH: Since I am only a sophomore, I can give a younger and fresher perspective. I want to bring new ideas to the table if elected.

What are your personal interests?

RJ: I like to study international law, which has inspired a love for traveling. I also like keeping up-to-date with politics and current events.

KC: I like to converse with the students that are considering coming to NIU to give them a better insight on what life is like on campus.

GL: I love to travel, and I am a huge advocate for working out and staying healthy.

NH: I enjoy sports, hanging out with friends and relaxing when I am not busy with school.

What is your academic life like?

RJ: I am an honor student at NIU.

KC: I have always managed to maintain a 3.0 GPA no matter how difficult each semester has gotten.

GL: I am an honor student at NIU.

NH: I am a member of the Honors Program.

What are your goals if elected?

RJ: I want to work on promoting unity through diversity. I want to make conversation about diversity matter and act on the conversations being discussed.

KC: I want to unify the campus through diversity and create a safe environment on campus, especially during such a controversial time in this country.

GL: I want to serve as the students’ voice and making sure everyone is treated fairly on this campus.

NH: I want to be able to represent the student body so it is fair for all students. The budget has been tight lately, but I still want each organization that SA funds to get equal opportunities.