Cancun and getting dissed by Lil’ Jon

By Brooklynn Schmidgall

Spring break was both chaos and bliss. From the preparation to the return to NIU, I had my ups and downs—but the ups were much greater.

Every issue and all of the best moments were linked to one thing—a trip to Cancun with some of my sorority sisters.

The biggest stressor for me was when my roommate’s flight got switched. We had been set to board the same plane, land at the same time and take the same shuttle to the hotel. Printing our tickets about a week before our departure we realized her flight had been changed by our travel agency!

With her new flight, she departed about 3 hours before me. Naturally, I still went with her to the airport, even though it meant sitting and waiting a few hours until our other sisters arrived. My sitting and waiting turned into falling asleep at a gate where they boarded an entire plane without me noticing or waking up.

Luckily it hadn’t been my flight, and the rest of our group arrived shortly after I woke up. Fast forward four hours, and we’ve boarded, flown, landed and arrived, finally, at our hotel. Standing in the warm sunlight of Cancun immediately made the scrambling to get a passport, calling my mom to make sure I’d packed everything I needed and waiting at the airport worth it.

We stayed at the Krystal Cancun, and I loved it. I spent four entire days in the sun, swimming in pools and the ocean. I also spent four days eating all the time. The food at this resort was amazing (just not at the buffet style restaurant). I ate fish tacos, authentic Mexican steak tacos, breakfast every morning, burgers and amazing Italian food two nights in a row. Seriously, it was an all-inclusive resort, and I ate so much.

The food was amazing, but seeing Lil’ Jon at The City, a nightclub, was more so. I went with four other girls, and when we walked in, club security upgraded us to VIP. This left us about 20 feet from Lil’ Jon, and there were no gates or guards separating us from him.

My absolute favorite story of the trip stems from this. My roommate disappeared for a few minutes, and when she wandered back to me, she was clearly upset. Turns out, she had talked to Lil’ Jon, asking him to play his popular song, “Get Out of Your Mind”. The issue was, instead of playing it, he simply turned and walked away from her. As she told the story, sounding close to tears, I could not help but laugh hysterically! How many people can say, “I met Lil’ Jon, and he ignored my song request?”