Specialist shows Cubs love


Pettee Guerrero, outreach and engagement specialist, holds a 3D-printed ‘W’ she made for the Chicago Cubs Wednesday in Swen Parson. Guerrero has a ‘W’ flag hanging in her office window at Swen Parson. 

By Tom Burton

DeKALB | Pettee Guerrero, outreach and engagement specialist, has been a Cubs fan since she came to the United States from Bulgaria in 2001.

Guerrero supports her favorite baseball team in many different ways as she has Cubbie blue spread around her Swen Parson office. Guerrero’s “W” flag, similar to the one flown above Wrigley Field after a Cubs victory, can be spotted from outside her office window.

Along with the large flag on her window, Guerrero decorated her office with Cubs-themed products when the playoffs started Oct. 25.

An interesting and unique product is Guerrero’s self-constructed singing Tesla coil—a form of induction coil for producing high-freqeuncy alternating currents. The coil sings the Cubs victory song, “Go Cubs Go.”

Guerrero said it was an easy decision for her to cheer for the Cubs when she got to the U.S.

“My friends took me to a [White Sox] game, and I did not like it at all,” Guerrero said. “After that, they took me to a Cubs game, and I fell in love with them instantly.”

Guerrero also has superstitions with regards to the Cubs. She feels the need to wear Cubs gear on game day to help them win. Also, she has to sit in a certain position in the closing stretches of the game for them to be successful.

Her confidence in the Cubs is at an all-time high once the playoffs began.

“Once the regular season ended, I knew they were going to the World Series,” Guerrero said. “As soon as they started the playoffs, I was already looking for World Series tickets.”

One of Guererro’s colleagues jokingly said she was trying to get people to sell their houses to go to the World Series with her.

“We did entertain the idea of driving to Cleveland [for game one], but the tickets were way too expensive,” Guerrero said. “It was not worth it unfortunately.”

Even after the Cubs’ victory in game seven last night ended the 2016 World Series, Guerrero believes she may have a chance to attend a Cubs World Series game in the future, as she predicts the team will be participants in the World Series several times in the next few years.

“In the next 10 years, I would say they can easily win at least four [World Series championships],” Guerrero said. “They have a really good team, so we’ll have to see.”