‘A’ league heats up prior to playoffs


Junior sociology major Pat Kreis of Sigma Alpha Mu scrambles out of the pocket.

By Eddie Garcia

DeKALB | This is the final week of the Greek ‘A’ league flag football tournament before it is win or go home time.

Teams fought vigorously through the gloomy fall evening Thursday as Sigma Alpha Epsilon (2-1-0) faced Sigma Alpha Mu (2-1-0) in what could have been one of the best games of the season and ended in a 14-13 Sigma Alpha Epsilon victory.

Both teams went into the game fresh off wins from the previous week and exemplified demeanors of teams that wanted to win.

Sigma Alpha Mu was undefeated going into the game as it had won its previous two consecutive games with ease using defense as its main focus.

However, the fraternity had yet to play Sigma Alpha Epsilon who has competed and won against every team it has faced this year, putting up six touchdowns in its first two games.

In what could be the future championship matchup, the game went all the way down to the final, tense seconds.

As teams look to compete for a high seed in this year’s playoffs, more fans are beginning to gather in anticipation for a great championship matchup.

A game full of determination and an unparalleled amount of energy is the best way to describe the overall excitement throughout as both teams left everything they had on the field.

Sigma Alpha Mu’s junior quarterback Patrick Kreis displayed his evasiveness throughout the game leading his team with two touchdowns, one on offense and one on defense.

Although his team fell short, Kreis said, “I think it’s good that we lost the game to show some adversity, because I believe we’re a really good team but just needed this as a wake-up call.”

Despite the loss, Sigma Alpha Mu remains in first place with its new rival, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, now tied with them.

Tied at 2-1-0, both teams look forward to hopefully seeing each other in the playoffs and making adjustments where necessary.