Pass/Fail: National protests get local attention; Huskies should go to football games

By Angela Pagan

Pass: National protests get local attention

The Black Student Union held multiple demonstrations on campus this past week in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I applaud its efforts to bring attention to a national issue to NIU.

The action of the Black Student Union and any other students who participated in the demonstrations are commendable because they came together to advocate for a cause they believe in.

Fail: Huskies should go to football games

The Huskies lost again Saturday at home in triple overtime to Central Michigan University 34-28. Despite the loss, fans should still show support, especially for the homecoming game 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Huskie Stadium.

From what I have seen, many students attend the tailgate prior to the game and get pumped up with school spirit, but then fail to attend the game. This is not as supportive.

I hope for the homecoming game, every student at tailgate also walks to the stadium after tailgating.