New iPhone launch, ‘won’t be upgrading’

By Danielle Keys

DeKALB | Many students usually flock to get the new iPhone, but students seem resistant during this new Friday release due to many drastic changes with software updates and the removal of the headphone jack.

The iPhone 7 comes in silver, gold, rose gold and new colors black and jet black and was released Friday online and in-stores.

One of the features that has gotten the most attention is the removal of the headphone jack. iPhone 7 users do not have to buy wireless headphones because the phone comes with EarPods that plug into the lighting port where the phone charges. The wireless option will be available in October; Apple is launching Bluetooth capable headphones called “AirPods” that will be $159, according to Business Insider.

Jennifer Lucchesi, sophomore elementary education major, said she was not too impressed this time around and that getting rid of the headphone jack makes people not want to buy it.

“Obviously it’s cool that it’s waterproof but I am not that thrilled; I definitely won’t be upgrading this time around,” Lucchesi said.

Senior communication major William Ruth III said he got the iPhone 7 when it released.

Another feature of the iPhone 7 is that it has two cameras and it is waterproof, so no more rice baths when your phone gets wet.

“I will say that charging your phone and wanting to use your headphones at the same time is no longer an option; It’s a little annoying but I’ll get used to it. The camera is indeed nice, I feel as though if you have the 6s, there really isn’t that much of a difference in design. Overall so far, I do like the phone,” Ruth said.

With the glitches experienced downloading iOS 10, it raises questions about the iPhone 7 that are yet to be fixed.

Scene Editor Jay Ibarra contributed to this article.