Letter to the editor: Earth Week is successful due to collaborative efforts

By Stuart Nissenbaum

NIU’s first ever Earth Week is officially in the books and I would like to take a moment to reflect on where we go from here.

I would first like to personally thank everyone who helped make Earth Week a success as this was a major collaborative effort.

The purpose of Earth Week was to create an awareness that was previously lacking on this campus. We want to encourage people at NIU and in the surrounding community to use #GoGreenNIU in social media to help strengthen our environmental presence.

While Earth Week was great and full of interactive and informational events, it is my hope that this environmental momentum extends beyond just one week. This is a movement and a call to action.

For decades, issues surrounding climate change, such as the growing population, access to clean water and unsustainable agricultural practices have been put on the shoulders of “future generations.” We are the future generation. We will see the effects of humanity’s actions in our lifetimes.

These are big issues that can be difficult for an individual NIU student to relate to, but it is with individuals that change begins. Protecting our generation, and those that follow, starts with each of us making some kind of change in our lives that will contribute toward a sustainable future.

As my chapter with NIU concludes with graduation next month, I hope to look back at NIU and see successful annual Earth Weeks for years to come. I hope more and more students join the ranks of the many students currently pushing for these changes.

I hope that we can help make the future of our planet a brighter one.