Hookah bar business could be increased by marijuana

By Jack Baudoin

The legal smoking age of tobacco was raised from 18 to 21 in December. Because of this, many hookah bars have found themselves struggling after a large portion of their customers became unable to partake in business. Aromas Hookah Bar, 811 W. Lincoln Highway, will benefit from a new business opportunity.

The DeKalb City Council passed an amendment Feb. 10 that will allow people of legal age to smoke marijuana at certain places. Aromas happens to be one of these places.

Aromas has lost out on about $11,000 worth of business, according to a Jan. 15 Northern Star article. Allowing patrons to smoke their marijuana in the shop will benefit the company.

This is a great way for shops like this to improve business, as it will allow people a relaxing, social environment to smoke marijuana, while also persuading them to engage in the other activities that Aromas provides.

Rylie Fay Kues, an NIU student and Aromas patron, said she is a fan of the idea. 

“People who wish to drink alcohol have so many options,” Kues said. “I can think of at least three bars within one block of one another in downtown DeKalb. Giving people a place to be social and smoke weed is a great idea.”

Aromas is a popular place among students and residents, and it would be a shame to see it go due to lack of sales. Thanks to the amendment that has been passed, Aromas has a real chance to make this money back.

“I love Aromas; the owner that I always see there is hilarious, and he creates a really chill environment,” Kues said. “Ultimately, I think that they are making a great business choice, and I am glad that they are creating an environment where students and residents alike can legally smoke.”