Point/Counterpoint: Plasma donations

By Kaylyn Zielinski and Faith Mellenthin


Kaylyn Zielinski

Donating plasma is an easy way to save a life and earn some money.

The plasma that is donated goes toward a lot of great causes. Plasma at Biolife Plasma Services is used in various therapeutic ways to save thousands of lives each day. Serious disorders that are treated with plasma include hemophilia and immune system deficiencies, according to BioLife Plasma Services website.

While not as important as saving thousands of people’s lives, donors also benefit financially from successful plasma donations. After every donation, donors get money loaded onto a debit card provided by Biolife Plasma Services that can be used everywhere debit cards are accepted.

For the month of February, there is a coupon for first-time donors at the DeKalb BioLife Plasma Center, 1455 County Farm Road. BioLife Plasma Services will give first-time donors $130 within three donations as long as the first donation is done by Feb. 29, the second within 30 days of the first donation and the third within 30 days of the second donation, according to the coupon. This is a simple way to earn extra cash which is something a lot of college students need.

Some donors bring books to read or play on their phones while donating. Between homework and classes it is hard to remember to relax. If a student’s work load is particularly large, they could even bring school work to do as well. Donating plasma gives donors the ability to save lives and earn money.


Faith Mellenthin

Donating plasma does help others, but I do not think the BioLife Plasma Services recent coupon is the right way for students to donate.

As a college student I enjoy the idea of getting paid. However, I donate whole blood at Heartland Blood Centers and noticed they only allow plasma donations every 28 days, not twice a week like BioLife Plasma Services.

While there are few risks to donating plasma frequently, it is still a lot of stress on the body to donate at a biweekly rate. There would still be needle wounds on the arm by the third and possibly fourth donation. The body replenishes plasma very quickly, but this means it is working harder than usual to heal itself and may leave people tired, according to the Heartland Blood Centers website.

The American Red Cross also uses the 28 day marker for plasma donors. Plasma is the part of the blood that carries antibodies that fight off sickness, so it would be wise for a person to keep these at a high level, according to the American RedCross. The incentive of cash is very enticing, but students should keep their health and well-being in mind first.

Students should be cautious when attempting to donate as frequently as the coupon encourages. If students plan on donating I feel it is better to do so out of generosity and not just because they need money. There are other ways to earn money that do not put your body at risk.