Comedian utilizes interactive material


Comedian Geoff Keith will perform stand-up comedy at 7 p.m in the Holmes Student Center, Carl Sandburg Auditorium.

By Alexis Malapitan

Comedian Geoff Keith brought his intimate comedic style to NIU’s Convocation Center on Monday.

Keith is a stand-up comedian, actor and author from Los Angeles, Calif. who has appeared on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham” and CBS’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.”

Q: How would you describe your style of comedy? How did it come about?

A: I would describe my comedy style as fun and lose. I try to create an atmosphere where everyone can relax and have fun and not take themselves — or me — too seriously. My interaction with the audience, when I get it where I want, feels like we are all friends hanging out at a party. My family encouraged being funny. My grandparents and parents were always joking around, and I noticed from a young age that making people laugh, happy seemed to be the way my family worked, and it felt good when I could contribute.

Q: How did your interest in comedy come about? When did you first decide you wanted to be a comedian?

A: I knew from a young age I enjoyed making people laugh whether it was my classmates, teachers or family. I wanted to be a professional basketball player, but only made it as far as playing at a small college. I knew in high school I was going to be a comedian. I think I started talking about it in my junior or senior year and started writing material during my only year of college.

Q: What was your favorite role? What was it like appearing on Comedy Central’s ‘Live at Gotham,’ CBS’s ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,’ etc.?

A: I had a lot of fun acting on ‘Disaster Date’ on MTV. I did over 30 episodes and got to play a variety of characters, which was very fun. I also enjoyed not breaking character even when scenes were going so crazy. … I pride myself on never breaking even though it was extremely hard at some points. Performing on TV is always a dream come true. Every time. Stand up is my first love and passion and what I’m best at, so whenever I get the opportunity to perform for millions all at once, it’s a great rush.

Q: I see that you’ve worked with Ashton Kutcher. What was that like?

A: Ashton was a very nice guy and much better looking than I expected. He directed the videos he cast me in, and it was a lot of fun working with him. I couldn’t tell if he liked me or was indifferent, but after we worked together I was told by the casting director the next time he saw her after we filmed, he said something to the effect of, ‘I love Geoff Keith!’