Pass: Opportunities to get involved, Fail: Area unsafe, not university

By Rachel Scaman

Pass: Opportunities to get involved

Make a Difference Day is a great way to get involved with the community, especially if you’re new to NIU.

Make a Difference Day allows students to venture out into the community to help local residents with lawn clean-up and other neighborhood projects. If you’re new to the university, get out there and not only make new friends, but make a difference.

Fail: Area unsafe, not university

NIU has qualities of a good university, but students have let the recent reported robbery, shooting and sexual assault overshadow that fact.

I know there has been a lot of crime around campus, but that doesn’t make NIU a bad or unsafe school.

DeKalb and NIU police work hard to keep our community safe on and off campus. Students shouldn’t let the people who have committed the crimes change their opinion of NIU as a university.