Craft Beer Expo

By Jacob Baker

DeKALB – More than 40 craft and imported beers will be on display at Fatty’s Pub and Grille for its Craft Beer Expo. 

Fatty’s, 1312 W. Lincoln Highway, will be hosting a Craft Beer Expo and Tasting from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday in the Novak room. 

The Expo will have over 40 craft and imported beers alongside an appetizer buffet and a small whisky tasting, according to Fatty’s website. Brewery representatives will also be present for the event. 

General Manager of Fatty’s Brian White said the event has been going on for nine years now, and every year provides a great atmosphere. 

“It’s laid-back,” White said. “All the breweries come in, and it’s very informative. Everyone learns what kind of beer they’re drinking, the style and everyone finds a different taste. So it’s both informative and laid-back.”

One of the main draws of the expo is the sheer amount of breweries are going to be there. 

“There’s going to be a ton.” White said, “The Forge here in town will be one of the local ones. Revolution will be here, Firestone Walker, plus a lot more. I can’t even name them all.” 

For Fatty’s, one of the most exciting things about this year’s event is the same as every year: new beers are brought in and they can see how the customers react to the new products and to see what they are really liking, White said. 

“Come out, have some great beer,” White said. “Along with the ticket purchase, you get a free buffet and you can learn about beer, taste some really great beers and it’s only a few hours on a Saturday.” 

A ticket to the expo includes the appetizer buffet, a sampling glass to keep and 15 beer sample tickets, according to Fatty’s website. 

Tickets can be purchased for $20 on Fatty’s website or on eventbrite. Tickets will also be available to purchase at the day of the event if it is not already sold out.