Pass, fail: Sporadic events help NIU connect, Cold temperature back, disappoints

By Rachel Scaman

Pass: Sporadic events help NIU connect

Campus events going on during different days of the week are a good way to help students interact, while not interfering with their schedules.

Events such as Friends of NIU Libraries’ Annual Meeting and Ice Cream Social on April 30 at Founders Memorial Library and the Cosmic Bowling Party 5:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday in the Holmes Student Center, Huskies Den are great ways to keep students interested in what’s going on at NIU.

Each event is sporadic throughout the week, which helps with students’ schedules. Events like these are great ways to help students interact more.

Fail: Cold temperature back, disappoints

It was 75 degrees out last week. What happened?

Last week I was wearing shorts to class, sitting outside enjoying the weather and shopping for summer clothes. This week I see people in winter jackets again and I can’t begin to explain how upsetting that is.

It was snowing this time last year, so I shouldn’t be complaining; however, it did snow a little Wednesday morning.

On the bright side, there are means of transportation around campus — like the Huskie Pups — so students don’t have to bear the wind and cold all the time.