SA senator faces charges of leaking election info to Lupstein ticket

By Ashley Morse

A Student Association senator who serves on the SA Board of Elections will face charges of disclosing election information to the Voice of Change ticket at a Sunday hearing.

Screenshots of text messages between Senator Jake Swick and Voice of Change members will be used as evidence against Swick, said Senate Speaker Dillon Domke. Domke declined to comment on the content of the screenshots.

The Senate will examine the evidence, hear Swick’s defense and decide whether he is guilty of disclosing election information. The hearing is open to the public.

Swick was nominated to the Board of Elections by SA Senator Adolfo Sto Domingo a week after being appointed senator at large on Feb. 15. Domingo is a Sigma Nu member with Swick and Nathan Lupstein, who has since been elected president on the Voice of Change ticket.

Swick and Domingo did not respond to requests for comment.

Lupstein said he has faith in Domke and the Senate’s ability to have a “swift and efficient” hearing.

“I’m confident that the Senate will make the correct and just decision,” Lupstein said.