Students have no excuse to not vote

Students have no excuse not to vote in this year’s Student Association executive elections now that voting is online.

Polling stations across campus will now have laptops where students can vote. Students can also vote using their phones or other electronic devices through the Huskie Link website. Students don’t even need to sign up for Huskie Link; they just sign in with their Z-ID and password.

The SA’s job is to allocate $7 million in student fees to cover the needs of students. Students should pay attention to the SA and vote in its elections if they want to have a say in where this money is going.

Freshman psychology major Elizabeth Dill said she is going to vote because it’s a part of her civic responsibility.

“… As a student I have to live with the changes that are being made, so I might as well have my voice heard,” Dill said.

When asked, students said they weren’t going to be voting this year because they didn’t have enough information about the candidates, didn’t know the elections were happening or just transferred to NIU and didn’t know enough about campus.

The Star has candidate profiles on Page 3 of today’s issue as well as a story on the candidates debate on the Page 1. Candidates have made Facebook pages and posted fliers around campus.

There is no excuse not to learn more about the candidates and vote Tuesday or Wednesday.