Lupstein ticket calls for disqualification of Donovan ticket, citing biased relationship with Northern Star

By Maragaret Maka & Keith Hernandez

The Voice of Change ticket has called for the disqualification of the Standing for Every Student ticket from the 2015 Student Association executive elections for allegedly working with the Northern Star to write negative articles against the Voice of Change campaign and intimidate the Board of Elections, among other charges.

Nathan Lupstein, Voice of Change head and presidential candidate, wrote a petition requesting the SA Supreme Court review the charges against Standing for Every Student. The petition was drafted hours after Standing for Every Student members submitted an appeal for the disqualification of the Voice of Change ticket.

Lupstein did not respond to requests for comment left on his voice mail and email.

Ben Donovan, presidential candidate on the Standing for Every Student ticket, said he was not aware of Lupstein’s petition.

“Our campaign has had no coordination with the Northern Star,” Donovan said. “The cause that was sent to the Star [Wednesday] morning was merely to keep the Star aware of what we were pursuing as a campaign, which is fully within … our rights as a campaign and within the Star as a reporting and media organization.”

The first of four sections in the petition contends Donovan acted unethically and unprofessionally by giving a Northern Star reporter Lupstein’s cell phone number without his permission.

The second section contends the Northern Star printed biased, negative articles on Greeks in the SA and neglected to mention Donovan’s involvement with a Greek organization. The section also contends the Northern Star failed to include in an article Jill Zambito, SA executive and judicial branch advisor, was present during a meeting between Lupstein and Election Commissioner David White to assure the Voice of Change’s campaign tactics were allowed under SA’s bylaws.

The third section contends Standing for Every Student and the Northern Star collaborated to “strategically” publish an article during “key campaign hours” about Donovan’s ticket calling for the disqualification of Lupstein’s ticket.

The fourth section contends the Northern Star and Donovan’s ticket intimidated the Board of Elections. The alleged intimidation was from a Northern Star article that noted concerns from Donovan and his running mate, Robert Kreml, about a potential bias among three Board of Elections members based on their membership in the same fraternities as Lupstein ticket members.