Pass, Fail: Class cancelation keeps NIU safe, No Safe Line may jeopardize safety

By Rachel Scaman


The campus will be closed due to severe weather conditions today.

The snow is up to my knees and I am happy NIU took the right step in canceling classes. Students and faculty would not have been safe while driving or walking to class.

Sunday’s blizzard was expected to leave more than a foot of snow for students to walk through today.

Despite being overjoyed I don’t have to go to my three classes today, I hope the snow storm stops and the roads are clear by Tuesday.


The Huskie Safe Line was suspended Sunday due to severe weather conditions.

The weather also forced the Huskie student patrol operations to be suspended. Students such as myself may have to work on campus or be at the library until late at night and had to walk home late at night in a storm.

Students are on campus during the weekend and need a way to get home in case of weather emergencies.

The purpose of the Huskie Safe Line is to keep students safe from many things, including weather.

I would rather have been picked up by the Huskie Safe Line than walk or drive home in the dark.