Pass, Fail: SA moves quickly with bar entry plan, Manspreading on buses disrespectful

By Rachel Scaman

SA moves quickly with bar entry plan

The Student Association is being quick and efficient in trying to have DeKalb’s bar entry age lowered to 20.

SA members plan to go in front of the City Council today to discuss the possible decrease to DeKalb’s bar entry age. Having announced the effort before talking with city officials, I’m glad to see the SA is finally involving the City Council in discussions.

The SA is moving quickly with putting its plan in motion, as the suggested drop in the bar entry age was first brought up in December.

I look forward to seeing what the SA’s next steps are and how its members will work with DeKalb.

Manspreading on buses disrespectful

Manspreading is disrespectful and annoying, and I see this problem every time I’m on a Huskie Bus.

I understand manspreading, or the action of taking up surrounding seats, if buses aren’t crowded, but having your backpack or purse take up a seat while others have to stand is nonsense. Placing items on the floor or in your lap is a nice alternative to having them take up the seat next to you.

It’s not the end of the world to have someone sit next to you. Who knows? You might make a new friend.