Baker unsure of election’s effects on NIU

By Northern Star Staff

NIU President Doug Baker said he is not sure what a “blue legislature” and “red governor” mean for NIU and the state at Wednesday’s University Council meeting.

Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb, professor and chair of the Electrical Engineering Department, asked Baker what the implications would be of Republican businessman Bruce Rauner ousting Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“That’s a good question,” Baker said. “I’ve had a series of meetings today where a lot of smart people who know a lot about state government all scratched their heads. They don’t know what’s going on.”

Democrats maintained their supermajority in the House, Baker said, but he is not sure how a Republican governor will play out.

“It could be that they say … ‘if we’re going to get anything done then we have to agree … let’s figure out how to work together’ or they act like Washington, D.C.,” Baker said.