Pass/Fail: STEM Cafe talks printing revolution; Huskie Pups can’t survive cold season

By Mohammed Taha Faridi

Pass: STEM Cafe talks printing revolution

Events like NIU’s 3D Printing Revolution are beneficial to students as they can explore trends and technological tools to help their studies.

NIU organized a public event to explain the benefits of 3-D printing at Eduardo’s Restaurant, 214 E. Lincoln Highway, according to NIU’s website. These types of events occur on a monthly basis, helping participants explore technologies and the science behind them. They provide students an opportunity to understand how many technological advances, including 3-D printing, work and what role they’ll play in the future.

Technological events are interesting learning opportunities that not only help engineering students but the entire student body.

Fail: Huskie Pups can’t survive cold season

Huskie Pups were introduced to NIU to help with transportation, but they’re not useful in the cold.

The Huskie Pups don’t have heating systems, according to an Oct. 20 Northern Star article, which make them uncomfortable for riders in the winter.

To help with transportation during the cold weather, NIU should add more buses to its routes. The route three bus departs from the Holmes Student Center every 15 minutes, and the route four bus departs from the Holmes Student Center every 30 minutes, according to the Huskie Bus Tracker.

These times could be reduced by adding more buses so students won’t have to wait as long in the cold weather to be picked up at their stops. This change could be made only for winters.