City to go easier on business inspections

By Northern Star Staff

The city has proposed a “drastic reduction in the scope” of a business inspection program after a meeting with city officials and around 50 community members, according to a DeKalb news release.

A meeting between city staff members and members of the real estate and business community was held Friday at City Hall’s Council Chambers. The meeting gave the members of the community a chance to ask questions and give feedback on proposed updates to the city’s inspection process, according to the release.

The updated Commercial and Industrial Program would require regular inspections of all DeKalb businesses, according to the release.

“Based on the feedback we have received so far, we have proposed a drastic reduction in the scope of the program, a restructuring of the program so it can be coordinated by on-duty Fire Department staff and an elimination of the cost element,” said City Manager Anne Marie Gaura, according to the news release.

The proposed Commercial and Industrial Program will be discussed at a Dec. 8 City Council meeting.