SA discussing mistake shows transparency

The Student Association took the first step in opening a potentially difficult discussion between students and their representatives last week.

The SA openly addressed a voting violation after nine elected senators-at-large were illegitimately welcomed into office by a simple majority rule and not by a two-thirds vote by the SA Senate, as is required. The SA should be recognized for its transparency in bringing this issue to both the media and the public’s attention.

To make the public aware of the mistake, SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke visited the Northern Star office and discussed the SA Senate’s error with several editors in a timely manner.

“Domke said he takes full responsibility for the mistakes made by the Senate, although he said they have been made and not pointed out since he came on as senator-at-large in September 2012,” according to a Thursday Northern Star article.

The Editorial Board is grateful Domke alerted Northern Star editors of the rules mistake.

But, as the Editorial Board has previously written, the SA should use all its resources to reach out and alert students. That includes alerting students of the mixup on its Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The SA’s transparency is key for addressing difficult issues in the future and representing the best ideals of students.