Senate full after redo of last week


The Student Association Senate meets Sunday in the Holmes Student Center, Sky Room. The Senate had a redo of last week’s senator-at-large candidates after it was discovered the Senate disobeyed SA Bylaws. In order to adhere to the bylaws, senator-at-large candidates were voted on to the Senate by a two-thirds majority and were not allowed to vote on other business matters until every senator-at-large candidate at the meeting had been voted on. 

By Margaret Maka

Following last Sunday’s breach of the Student Association bylaws, eight senator-at-large candidates went before the SA Senate Sunday for another vote.

Senate Speaker Dillon Domke and the Rules and Procedures committee decided to redo the vote after the bylaw breach was brought to his attention.

“We cannot tell by the way we voted whether they were yea votes or nay votes because it was not a rollcall vote. It was a standing vote,” Domke said. “That’s why we decided, in fairness to everyone, just bring everyone back up and redo it in accordance with the bylaws… .”

At last week’s SA Senate meeting, senator-at-large candidates were voted in by simple majority, when the SA Bylaws call for a vote of two-thirds of the Senate for approval. Newly appointed senators-at-large also were allowed to begin voting on other candidates immediately after they were sworn in, going against the bylaws, which state all candidates at the meeting must be voted on before appointed senators-at-large vote on other business.

The senators-at-large elected this week are Libardo Coronado, Giuseppe Lagioia, Alex Summers, Taras Lesyk, Robert Kreml, Mikey Pastrana and Sean Birt.

Dominic Scaduto and Anthony Baca chose to withdraw from their senator-at-large candidacy, while Ben Scaduto did not receive the necessary two-thirds vote and was not elected.

Junior accounting major Chloe Pooler was voted in as a SA Supreme Court justice. Pooler was a SA senator for two years, serving the Senate beginning her freshman year.

Stephanie Norman, vice president of her chapter of Circle K International, was elected as the SA director of community service. Circle K International is an international collegiate group, sponsored by Kiwanis International, focused on service projects.

The Senate approved a bill to recognize the Northern Illinois Arts Club, a nonexclusive art group that offers tutorials and aims to increase creative peoples’ ability to nurture their talents.

A bill to recognize Northern Sound, a new a capella group, was approved after the group sang an a capella rendition of Lorde’s “Royals.”