Location problems cause microbrewery’s setback

By Mitchell Spence

Cademon Brewing Co. continues to try to be the first microbrewery in Sycamore to open its doors, although it is unable to use the location it had planned on.

Andrew “Cad” Nordman and Brian “Demon” Matejka, who co-own the brewery, said they were unable to use the location they had chosen for the brewery at 2155 Oakland Drive after it was purchased by another party.

Nordman said he intends to keep the brewery as local as possible, preferably in Sycamore, but said they have been exploring every option that comes their way.

Matejka said he was disappointed with how the situation with the first property turned out but he is focusing on looking for the opportunities it presented. Matejka and Nordman said the Brewery can open within the year if they could gather the money and find a more affordable location.

“The way I do business is that I always look forward. If I hit a rough patch I just keep moving forward,” Matejka said.

Matejka said he wants to keep the brewery local to not only target the college-age demographic, but people of all ages who like craft beer.

Nordman said the brewery is about educating people about the craft beer scene, which he considers to be a blend of art and science.

Nordman said Cademon Brewing has 26 flavors ready for production but needs a location and licensing from the proper agencies before it opens. Nordman and Matejka started an Indiegogo campaign and have been seeking investors.

“We want a grassroots company here in Sycamore that ships around the area and to Chicago, but we don’t plan on moving the company there,” Nordman said.

Nordman said if they did open within the year they would stock six packs and 22-ounce bottles for the first two months on location.

“We’re also very grateful for support from sycamore community,” Matejka said.

City manager Brian Gregory said the microbrewery is a popular concept.

“At the time they applied for the permits we established new definitions for microbreweries, breweries and taprooms,” Gregory said. “We would like to see [Cademon Brewing] open in Sycamore.”