Spring Dance concert mixes all types of genres for show


Dancers rehearse Monday for the Spring Dance Concert at Huntley Middle School, 1515 S. Fourth St. The performance premieres at 7:30 p.m. today at Huntley Middle School.

By Claire Buchanan

DeKalb | Attendees should prepare for a night of rhythm, color and sound at the School of Theater and Dance’s Spring Dance Concert.

The dancers premiere their show at 7:30 today at Huntley Middle School auditorium, 1515 S. Fourth St. The shows are usually entirely faculty-choreographed, but this performance features one student-choreographed piece. The student piece, by sophomore dance major DK Bardlette, is a hip-hop duet that has been featured in the American College Dance Festival.

Brandon Wardell, theater and dance assistant professor, uses lighting techniques to highlight the dancers.

“The production is sure to draw the audience in,” Wardell said. “We make the ballerina the most important person on the stage.”

The performance will include dance styles other than ballet. It will feature seven dance pieces, with styles ranging from ballet to hip hop to modern. The show includes restaging of classical ballet pieces and other dances choreographed by faculty members, said Judith Chitwood, theatre and dance professor.

“We are focused on showing the versatility of the dancers and of our program here,” Chitwood said.

The dancers started practicing for the show at the beginning of the spring semester.

“For me, the most exciting part is performing,” said Dani Bitout, sophomore dance performance major. “We get to show everyone the hard work we put in … . It’s always exciting to perform in front of an audience.”

Richie Vavrina, the show’s stage director and junior theater design and technology major, is most excited about the variety of the performances.

“It’s a short show packed with all different types of dance,” Vavrina said. “In an hour and a half, you’ll see a little bit of everything.”