Easy playoff game foods you can cook


Beer brats are a meal that only takes a few minutes to make. They don’t cost a lot of money to make, either.

By Pat Quinn

Save money, have friends over and enjoy NHL and NBA playoff games with at-home finger foods.


Beer brats are not only a personal favorite, but are inexpensive.

Beer brats take true effort to mess up. Traditionally, they’re browned before being boiled in beer, but they will taste no different if done the opposite way. Grilling is always the superior option.

Beer brats take the time of two commercial breaks to cook. It only takes a few minutes to brown them and roughly 10 for the boiling. Browning all sides of the brats in a frying pan is just as good.

Using cheap beer for the brats is the best choice. The brats will still absorb a good flavor, and the better beer can be saved for drinking during the game. The amount of beer depends on how much is being cooked, but the goal is to cover the brats.

If you have a little extra money laying around, spend it on French rolls instead of hot dog buns; they really make all the difference

Throw mustard and caramelized onions on those bad boys and get ready for tip-off or the puck drop.


Snacks are an absolute during game time.

Chips and dip are so overplayed, so get a bar blend of trail mix.

The mix usually has a nice bold, buffalo flavor and is loaded with pretzels, peanuts and those goofy, crunchy things (no one has any idea what they are, but they taste so good).

Another option is popcorn. Popcorn is generally cheaper than trail mix because it comes in larger quantities. What is most attractive about popcorn is not only the name and the sound it makes, but the versatility of it. There are endless possibilities: caramel corn, extra butter, cinnamon; the list goes on.

A trick I picked up back in my movie theater days was putting jalapenos on popcorn. One jalapeno and a handful of popcorn has a crunchy, salty taste with a kick. There’s no prep work other than making the popcorn.

Purchasing these items will cost less than one dinner out during a game. Splitting the cost with a couple friends will keep the costs under $10 a person.