2 Chainz’s debut at Convo suggests double standard

Jeremiah Caterina

NIU students are living a double standard.

I’m talking about those who were up in arms about the Circus Spectacular performing at the Convocation Center but have voiced no opposition to this Sunday’s 2 Chainz performance.

Earlier this year, some students called for the cancellation of the Circus Spectacular due to alleged animal abuse by the producers of the show. The anti-circus movement garnered enough attention that the Student Association Senate drafted a resolution urging the administration to cancel the show.

“There was a handful of student organizations and a couple of their presidents who put together a petition and came to talk to me about canceling it,” said SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke. “Being the voice of the students, it was a large enough group that I felt it needed attention.”

In the resolution SAB 45018, Domke cited “Ethically Inspired Leadership” — one of NIU President Doug Baker’s three pillars — as one reason the administration shouldn’t allow the circus to perform at NIU.

I applaud the student body for taking a stand against animal cruelty. But, I am left wondering why the people who opposed the circus coming to NIU have remained silent about artist 2 Chainz’s show scheduled for Sunday.

2 Chainz, whose actual name is Tauheed Epps, has a history of behavior that in no way aligns with “Ethically Inspired Leadership.”

Epps was arrested at least three times in 2013.

The first arrest in February was for a small drug charge, for which he was found not guilty.

Another arrest took place Aug. 22 for failing to obey a police officer. In the same incident, police searched 2 Chainz’s tour bus and found illegal drugs and two semi-automatic pistols and a pump-shotgun. Epps posted a $2,000 bond and was released, according to a Sept. 3 Huffington Post article.

Now, Epps is facing a potential three-year prison sentence for being arrested by Los Angeles International Airport police in June, according to an April 3 New York Daily News article. The rapper is being charged with possession of a bottle of promethazine and codeine, which when combined with fruit-flavored soda is commonly known as “purple drank” or “sizzurp.” One count of felony codeine possession carries a potential three-year jailtime.

With the rapper’s troubled past and ongoing legal troubles, why has nobody voiced an opposition to 2 Chainz performing at the Convo?

Paul Palian, director of Media and Public Relations, said he was “not aware of any organized efforts to pull the 2 Chainz concert from the Convocation Center.”

It saddens me our moral compasses seem to be so askew. We’re in a time when we self-righteously oppose crimes like animal abuse but simultaneously glorify the so-called “thug life” comprised of illicit drug use, violence and a blatant disrespect for authority.

Let me be clear: I am not calling for the 2 Chainz show to be canceled. I am only asking that we as a student body reevaluate our ethics. We should all strive to be ethical leaders and stand up for what’s right, regardless of how unpopular that may be.