Comedian Fluffy brings best jokes to Convocation Center

By Deanna Frances

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias’ two-hour set kept me laughing from start to finish Thursday at the Convocation Center.

The performance included comedians Martin Moreno, Alfred Robles and Rick Gutierrez. Moreno opened the performance with comedy about relationships and women, which continued into Rodriquez’s set. These comedians had me and the crowd engaged for the rest of the night.

Even though I am not a parent, I still enjoyed Gutierrez’s material about parenting and family values. His set joked about relationships between parents and teenagers. He even singled out students in the audience to tell jokes about parenting. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy a set that had to do with parenting, but he related his jokes to college students’ relationships with their parents.

When Iglesias took the stage, he performed energetic joke after joke. I laughed harder than I ever have. Iglesias’ set had personalized comments on the DeKalb area and NIU. Iglesias talked about how the police at NIU drive around in Prius cars; he thought the cars were a joke when he saw them.

In an interview, Iglesias said he enjoys performing for small cities.

“I’ve performed in L.A., and when I show up, they’re happy,” Iglesias said. “But when I come to small cities, they are so much more appreciative. I love it.”

Iglesias said he performs new material at every performance because each venue is different.

“I feel like I’m cheating out the fans if I just keep repeating the same material that’s on TV,” Iglesias said.

After Iglesias performed 23 minutes more than his scheduled time, he continued to tell some of his older jokes by requesting the audience’s favorites. His encore included his well-known jokes about Krispy Kreme, his Volkswagen Beetle and his encounter with his son’s Spanish-speaking principal. I hope Fluffy comes back soon.