House Cafe owners hope to re-open before end of April


The House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, was recently bought by Alex and Brian Fausett. The couple plan to re-open the cafe in April.

By Carl Nadig

Alexandra and Brian Fausett are planning to open the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, by the end of April.

The building closed when previous owner Jan Pascolini didn’t renew her lease after it expired in November. During this time, an interested party — Anthony Solario and Corey Twombly and consultant Lisa Cowley— made small interior design modifications; however, the duo no longer have an active lease with the property.

“One of their investors did have to back out due to personal reasons, and they weren’t able to secure the finances that they needed,” Fausett said.

After hearing about the ongoing financial issue with the cafe, Brian and Alex Fausett signed a lease with landlord Fareed Haque on March 18.

“Back in October, we put in a offer for The House Cafe only to find that Jan and Fareed were already in negotiations with Corey and Anthony,” said co-owner Brian Fausett. “I ended up talking with [House Cafe caretaker] Matthew [Clark], and he talked about how their investors had pretty much fallen through. And so we just looked into it, and here we are.”

While the new owners will attempt to keep the cafe open for people of all ages, the House might have to compromise with city regulations. Clients who purchase alcoholic beverages without food will be restricted to a reserved area on an elevated deck.

“The liquor license that was in place here was grandfathered in and no longer exists,” Alex Fausett said. “They want us to get a bar license, a restaurant license and a hospitality license, but in order to do that we just have to have a separate area for [customers] 21 and over. If [customers] have alcohol with food, they can be…anywhere in the restaurant because the restaurant license allows that.”

The House Cafe does not have a liquor license but the owners plan to apply for one after opening.

“I don’t think they’re going to let it slip through their hands,” Clark said. “These are the heroes. I know there will be some differences this time because we are going to have to work a little harder.”

Monday, the DeKalb Fire Department conducted a minor fire inspection. The Fausetts have also changed the cafe’s website to