Pass, fail: Convo seeking community input, Chicago bond debt will lead to cuts

By Shaz Sheikhali


The Convocation Center is looking for student input.

Athletics director Sean Frazier couldn’t have put it better when he said the Convocation Center is a key community asset that serves the campus and the greater local and regional community, according to a Friday NIU Today release.

It is about time students, faculty members and the community get to give input on who they want to see perform at the Convocation Center.

Hopefully the input survey will be taken seriously and everyone will get to see their input utilized.


Chicago has become a city of big bond debt.

The city increased its net bonded debt from 2002 to 2012 from $4.5 billion to $7.8 billion, an increase of 73.7 percent or $3.3 billion, according to Civic Federation.

“Net bonded debt per capita has grown from $1,565 per resident to $2,886, an increase of $1,320 or 84.3 percent,” according to Civic Federation.

Cuts will be made, creating more problems for Chicago.

“…Cuts in everything from police to garbage collection, a tax increase, or both,” according to a Friday Chicago Tribune article.