‘Pompeii,’ ‘3 Days to Kill’ lack new plot, characters

By Pat Quinn

With “3 Days to Kill” this weekend, moviegoers shouldn’t waste them at the theater.


“Pompeii” tells the story of a former slave who is now a gladiator fighting for his life and his true love all before Mt. Vesuvius erupts.

The movie stars Kit Harington as Milo. Harington is known for his role as Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones.” “Pompeii” also stars Emily Browning, who has had an unsuccessful career. The cast alone shows this film isn’t too promising.

With the way the film is being presented — with explosions, fire and lots of fighting — it looks like audiences are getting a sequel to world-ending movie “2012.” 3-D films have their limits, and movies from ancient periods should not be shot in 3-D. It looks distasteful and takes away the feeling you’re watching a story from an earlier period.

Nothing has been able to surpass “Gladiator,” and people will only be able to get so much (if anything) out of “Pompeii.”

“3 Days to Kill”

Kevin Costner stars in “3 Days to Kill,” an action thriller film where he plays a Secret Service agent who must use an experimental drug in order to survive his intense assignment.

That doesn’t sound too bad. It gets worse. There’s a sub-plot about Costner’s character trying to reconnect with his daughter.

“3 Days to Kill’s” plot had potential but lost it. Instead of having an action thriller that people may want to go see and maybe re-watch, I don’t think people will even go to the theater. The chase scenes and the dry humor don’t seem to be enough to pull people in.

The director, McG, has been too indulged by “Supernatural.” He may have worked on successful shows, but film and television are similar but very different things.

This weekend at the box office is going to be atrocious.