NIU not coldest US school, but you should be prepared

By Jackie Nevarez

Tips on how to get through winter

Being prepared to tackle the cold is key to making it through the winter.

Just last week, NIU was closed for two days due to extreme weather conditions. Although class was not in session, all of NIU’s facilities were closed Jan. 6 and 7. Temperatures plummeted to below zero with the wind chill and a polar vortex swept the state.

The fact that DeKalb is cold should not be shocking to residents and students.

Everyone should carry around a knitted hat, scarf and gloves to be prepared for any of the city’s random swings of temperature.

Checking the hourly forecast on my phone lets me know how to bundle up. This way when I step outside I know how to dress.

College Prowler, a website of rankings and college information for students, listed NIU as the 24th university with the coldest winter.

Schools from the United States and Canada were included in the list. The rankings were determined by gathering data from student reviews and reviewing average temperatures and average precipitation at the universities, according to the website.

NIU’s ranking came as a surprise to students like Mike Penicnak, senior political science major, who thought NIU should have ranked higher on College Prowler’s list.

“I was surprised we were 24th,” Penicnak said. “The whole flat farmland made me think we’d be in the top five coldest.”

Along with low temperatures, snow and ice become hazards for students walking and driving to class.

There is a lot of ice on the sidewalks, which make getting to class difficult. Roads are made more dangerous by black ice during the winter season.

Do not count on the streets to be covered in salt. Make sure your car is in good condition and be wary of your speed.

Jaylan Route, sophomore health administration major, makes sure his car is prepared for the harsh weather conditions. When it comes to his vehicle, he checks to see his brake rotors are functioning properly. The weather does not faze him.

“Living in Illinois has gotten me use to the weather. The cold does not stop me from doing anything,” Route said.

If you do not have a car on campus, you lucked out and won’t have to check any rotors or make sure your windshield wipers are up.

Take advantage of the Huskie Bus, and take Late Night Ride when possible. Both are easily accessible and provide a great way to minimize your exposure to the cold and icy walks through campus.

Knowledge of and preparation for DeKalb’s weather conditions will ensure you a healthy and safe winter season.