Bundle up in November’s warmest trends


By Kayla Cameron

Grab these November fashion essentials because it’s going to be a cold one.

Bundle up

Windy and unruly DeKalb winters with horrible temperatures are unforgiving. Covering up with a simple North Face isn’t going to do it.

Invest in a heavy duty winter coat that’s durable and has a soft layer. Your November jackets need to keep the wind and cold out and hold the warmth in. Look at stores like Macy’s or REI for this November essential.


After you have the jacket, purchase a thick winter hat, a pair of gloves and a scarf. Although you can’t wear gloves throughout the year, a hat and scarf can be mixed and matched with your outfits season round.


The harsh DeKalb wind can dry and crack your skin. Applying a nice body butter daily after a shower really gives your skin a wonderful layer of protection against dryness.

Also, make sure to apply face lotion with SPF to help fight wind-burned cheeks and UV rays, which can still harm skin in the winter.

Get some lip balm with SPF to help against the sun and keep those chapped lips nice and smooth.

Cozy feet

Since it’s not really snow weather yet and winter boots aren’t really needed, go ahead and bust out those combat boots or riding boots. These boots are fashionable around late fall and early winter and add an extra bit of warmth.

Another thing to include with these boots is a nice pair of knit crew or wool socks. Because it can get so chilly outside, keeping your toes warm is a must. Nobody wants frozen feet.

Hot chocolate

This drink is a staple for the colder months. Its rich chocolate aroma and relaxing warmth really set the mood to cuddle up in a cozy blanket.